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Meet Your Senators

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Anderson College of Business and Computing

Melanie Deloisa

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Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professionals

Genavieve Szumski

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Third Year Representative

Grace Truong

© Robins Photography-9557.jpg

Second Year Representative

Nicolas Navarrete

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Commuter representative

Alex Walker

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Fourth Year Representative

Robert Jones

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Desmet Hall Representative

Gabrielle Johnson


West Hall Representative

Mason Rice

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Residential Village Representative

Abigail Johnson

© Robins Photography-9587.jpg

Black/African Diaspora Representative

Gabrielle Davis

© Robins Photography-9615.jpg

LGBTQIA+ Representative

Jameson Johnson

© Robins Photography-9592.jpg

Women Identities Representative

Olivia Clise

© Robins Photography-9564.jpg

Interfaith Representative

Eden Almgren

© Robins Photography-9572.jpg

Military/Veteran Representative

Cassie Heyman

© Robins Photography-9566.jpg

Asian Identifying Representative

Min Fei Ginther

© Robins Photography-9599.jpg

Sustainability Representative

Eleanor Hebert

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Angel Verdin



Lianna Trujillo

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