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VP of Representation


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Candidate: Iris Jaramillo


Academic Program/Degree: Neuroscience and Education 


Current Year at Regis: Third 


Why are you interested in becoming a RUSGA Elected Officer? 

I am interested in becoming a RUSGA elected officer because, throughout my 3 years on RUSGA, I have been in awe of all the good work the organization does for the student body. Being a part of RUSGA for one last year will ensure the good work my fellow officers and I have done these past few years will be continued and consistent all whilst being receptive to new ideas. 


If elected, what would be your top two priorities to improve the student experience at Regis? 

For my final year at Regis, I would love to continue the work I do to ensure there are menstrual products in the bathrooms for the student body. As the chair of the student senate, I would continue to make sure the elected senators are accessible to students. In doing so, it will allow open communication between RUSGA and the student body as well as upper administration. 


In your opinion, how best can RUSGA serve the students of Regis University? 

In my time with RUSGA, I have been part of a truly amazing and selfless group of students who fully embody the mission of a student-led and driven organization. In doing so senators and cabinet members have shown that in order to serve the student body there needs to be an open line of communication, honest feedback, and most importantly visibility on campus. RUSGA is the main line of communication between students and upper admin and it is vital that students know that RUSGA is here to serve their concerns and appreciation for life at Regis. RUSGA can best serve the students of Regis by unapologetically being the voice students want to be heard. 


What skills and strengths do you possess that will help you to be successful in your position if elected? 

I have been on student senate for two years and am the current Vice President of Representation. In these roles, I have been organized, open to feedback, and have learned all the necessary details that the chair of the student senate should know. I have shown that I am capable of appointing amazing members to senate as well as being responsible for the RUSGA budget. Furthermore, being on senate previously has helped me understand and relate to those who I am chairing. 


What job related, volunteer, or lived experience do you have that you think has prepared you for, or would transfer well, to this position? 

When I am not chairing the student senate, I am overseeing Club Sports and Intramurals here at Regis as the Program Manager. In this role, I see the student body when they are taking time for themselves to have fun and engage in sports on campus. This has allowed me to connect with the student body on a personal level. In this job role, I have proven to be an organized, transparent, feedback-oriented, and responsible leader. 

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