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VP of  Academic Life Candidates



Candidate: Lauren Manzanares

Academic Program/Degree: Political Economy 

Current Year at Regis: Second 

Why are you interested in becoming a RUSGA Elected Officer? 

After spending a year on RUSGA senate, I have found my calling with my peers. The moment I stepped foot on ranger soil I knew that this school would bring me opportunity. With strong Jesuit values, I have been able to seek Magis. As a RUSGA elected officer, I know that I can bring strong leadership and inclusivity to campus. If I had the opportunity to be VP of Academic life, I would seek to support my fellow students in every way possible as well as creating lasting relationships. 

If elected, what would be your top two priorities to improve the student experience at Regis? 

As much as I would love to stay at Regis my whole life (I probably will I want to be a professor) I know that my time at Regis as a student is almost over. I would love to create a legacy for future VPs of Academic life. My time at Regis has heavily impacted me in terms of education. Regis’s small classes and awesome professors have inspired me to build our program even further. As VP of Academic life my priority at this institution is to build a strong test prep program. What this will look like, is a program for Pre-med and law students to prepare for their Graduate programs. I will work with administration and departments to find a way to make this happen. Another thing I would love to accomplish is a program that works with current enrolled undergraduate students and high school seniors. What this program would accomplish is an easy transition for future students interested in academic programs at Regis. With virtual sessions high school students can get a taste of what Regis has to offer and its talented students. 

In your opinion, how best can RUSGA serve the students of Regis University? 

In my opinion I think that RUSGA can best serve students by following key Jesuit values and by showing strong leadership within the student population. Being a part of RUSGA means that we are leaders. Leaders must show positive examples of character, vision, mission, learning, and cause. I believe that there needs to be purpose and a vision. There is never a moment in our lives where growth isn’t important. Growth as a University should always be on our minds. Most importantly I believe that the voices of our students matter so we should do everything we can to support our peers. RUSGA cabinet shouldn’t be closed off to the ones serving in the cabinet. Each RUSGA member should let the student population know that we are here to serve in the interest of each and every student no matter their sex, gender, race, ex. 

What skills and strengths do you possess that will help you to be successful in your position if elected? 

If elected some skills that I possess derive from my leadership skills that I have worked on for years. Starting off I have learned to be kind to all types of people. I believe that every person has individuality that can be used in positive ways. Being kind to all kinds of different people will allow you to learn from them and build a community. Another skill that I believe I have is empathy. I understand that not everyone’s journey is the same, in fact we all deal with things differently. Learning to care for others will allow you to grow as an individual as well as build strong relationships. A strength that I have is I am able to juggle many things in my life at one time. As a cabinet member I will have to balance by school life with my student leadership life. I believe that this balance will allow me to expand my horizons further than just focusing on just one of those fields. Another strength I have is being able to take constructive criticism. I believe that Constructive criticism brings growth. It may hurt to hear the truth sometimes but that is the only way you can grow. 

What job related, volunteer, or lived experience do you have that you think has prepared you for, or would transfer well, to this position? 

1). A job that I think will transfer over well is being a student engagement consultant. As a student engagement Consultant, I pride myself in the growth of other clubs and organizations. By helping my peers navigate their clubs and organizations I am able to build strong communities here at Regis. 
2). I am also currently the assistant director of Campus and Diversity for the programming board. My job is to make sure that all our Regis PROBO events are inclusive and involve all kinds of student clubs and organizations. 
Clubs/ Organization 
1). An organization I am apart of is Regis Corps. Regis Corps will prepare me on my journey as an academic VP because it has provided me with essential Leadership skills that I need in order to succeed. As an organization here at Regis we pride ourselves in the service of others and serving our communities. 
2). Another program I am involved in is RUSGA senate. As senate member of Regis College I have been involved in our senate here on campus. Through my position, I have been able to understand the skills it takes in order to be a part of the student government. Through this process I have been able to cater towards the needs of the students here on campus. 
3). Within RUSGA senate I am also apart of Student Academic council here on campus. This year I have worked with members of senate as well as Chantele to build academic success for our students. 

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