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In carrying out our duty to serve students, we want to be as accessible as possible. Whether you're a student with a concern or suggestion, a community member who wants to connect, or a performer seeking a gig, please contact us. 

President- Annelise Pehr

VP of Representation- Michael Stein:                                                   

VP of Social Justice and Diversity-Regi Worles:                  

VP of Involvement- Trisha Charfauros:                                    

VP of Academic Life- Nick Aranda:                                         

VP of Programming- Kay Pollack:                                           

Chief of Staff- Keeli Wallace:                                                    

Chief Financial Officer- Klumy Tangelbad:                      

Chief Officer of Marketing and Communications- Nicole Byrd:

Director of Marketing- Kevin Cendro:                                   

Director of Communications- Karissa Feese:                    


3333 Regis Blvd, J12 

Denver, CO 80221​

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